The intelligence solution and data fusion platform for collaborative analysis

Your mission is to make an increasingly complex world more secure. Ours is to help you do that.

As an analyst entrusted to serve an investigation or form a situation overview, you face challenges like never before. Terrorism and organised crime present a constant danger. Cyber threats pose a challenge to the way we communicate. Agents and organisations are more connected globally than ever before: both virtually and in the real world. You have to make quick decisions – based on a continuously-growing deluge of information that must be retrieved from numerous databases by hand. It’s almost an impossible task if you’re forced to rely on conventional methods.

Data fusion and analysis on a whole new level

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rsShadow is up to the challenge.

rsShadow is based on the latest pioneering technology together with the expertise and passion that we have invested into our decades of collaboration with security agencies. Our new intelligence solution and data fusion platform consolidates data for you automatically and presents it clearly so that you can focus your full attention on the analysis.

  • rsShadow extracts, combines and analyses results from the widest array of sources. 
  • Data reconciliation can be automated.
  • Applicable for many use cases: from small analysis projects and the analysis of thousands of files through to tax fraud detection and the attribution of cyber threats.
  • A high-performance stand-alone solution that can also be used in combination with our rsFrame products. 

Innovative. Comprehensive. Clear.


Work intuitively

rsShadow makes every step of IT analysis easy to follow and understand. Modules guide you through the system’s intelligence cycle.


Link sources

As an intelligence solution, rsShadow analyses information from a wide array of data sources, linking them semantically. 


Share knowledge

As a data fusion platform, rsShadow facilitates collaboration and the transfer of knowledge between departments and organisations.


Detect patterns

rsShadow shows you the big picture, providing valuable support for you to form hypotheses and evaluate sources and information.


Present insights

Clearly and transparently, rsShadow helps you create visual presentations of your analysis results and simplifies the reporting process.


Protect data

rsShadow complies with all the requirements on data protection that security agencies are bound to by law.

The modules at a glance


Use case scenario: a cyber database

Who’s the culprit behind a cyber attack?
Assessing the sources and information behind cyber threats is one of the most difficult challenges that security agency analysts have to face. The task frequently requires collecting thousands of pieces of information, followed by the painful task of examining and interpreting them.


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