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The intelligence solution and datafusion platform for collaborative analysis and situational assessment.

Your mission: to make an increasingly complex world as safe as possible. Ours: to support you with advanced software solutions.

Analysts and investigators are facing greater challenges than ever before. Terrorism, organized crime and rapidly changing circumstances in ongoing operations pose a constant threat. Cyber-attacks are threatening the way we communicate. Actors and structures are increasingly globally networked – in both the virtual and the real world. Faced with this, effective decisions must be made quickly. However, with an ever-increasing flood of information at our fingertips, it can be difficult to do so when your data must be manually retrieved from a multitude of databases. Using conventional means alone and no smart software, such a task is rendered near impossible.

Next Level Analysis

The Solution to your Challenges: rsShadow.

rsShadow is powered by the latest future-oriented technology, our decades of expertise and a passion for working with security agencies. Our intelligence solutions and datafusion platform automatically consolidate data for you and present it clearly so that you can dedicate your full attention to analysis.

  • rsShadow extracts, fuses and analyzes insights from a wide variety of sources.
  • Applicable in a wide variety of use cases: Whether for a quick search, analyzing thousands of documents, investigating organized crime, evaluating military information, or ascribing cyber-threats.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone solution or in addition to our rsFrame products.


  • Dashboard
  • Search
  • Analyzing
  • Reporting
  • Organizer

The entry point for rsShadow can be customized completely.

Using different search modes, you’ll be able to find even a needle in a haystack.

Analyze large amounts of data, create hypotheses, draw conclusions – collaboratively with colleagues and partners.

Add items such as charts or maps to reports simply by drag and drop. The report can even be set to update automatically if any intelligence changes.

All workspaces and reports at a glance. Combine analyses into full-scale investigations and control tasks within facts and circumstances.


  • Visualization

    rsShadow supports several types of visualization. Are there connections between individuals and/or events? This is best presented in a network graph. Which course have events taken? The timeline view will provide that information. If geographical information is available, those connections will also be clearly displayed in the map view.

  • Hypothesizing

    When information is missing, you may have to make assumptions. With rsShadow you can create hypotheses, document them and plan the next steps.

  • Path Search

    Could suspect A and suspect B know each other through a common acquaintance? The Path Search function allows you to clarify these kinds of analytical details by identifying indirect links.

  • Analysis Workspaces

    Whether you want to efficiently collaborate with others or operate in multiple analysis workspaces in parallel, the Analysis Workspace shows you the “big picture”.

  • Comments

    rsShadow facilitates collaborative analysis or final report work. Any comments or questions? They can be added by several users at the same time, simply by using the comment function.

  • Analysis Path

    What led to an analytical outcome? This information is important for both the intended recipients of your reports and for data protection. The Analysis Path provides those answers and seamlessly traces analytical processes.

  • Simple Search & Complex query

    Get the best analysis results step by step: You can use the search function to enter simple terms or more complex correlations. Would you like to search for specific aspects only? Then rsShadow helps to specify the query.

  • Filter

    A search can produce countless results, sometimes too many to look at all of them in detail. With filters, you reduce the flood of data and quickly identify the relevant dataset(s).

  • Saved Searches

    More complex cases frequently run over several weeks or months. That is why you can archive complex searches in rsShadow, as well as reuse them and carry out automatically alerting.

Knowledge Management
  • Datafusion

    rsShadow supports the aggregation and analyzing of data from different sources by merging the data based on defined procedures. When it come to the origin of your data, you will always be able to see where it has come from, with full transparency.

  • Transparency

    Want to record an analytical process path from start to finish? Let rsShadow do it for you in real time! Every search query, every hypothesis and every action is logged in the system. This way, you can always trace back in detail how an analytical process has arrived at its conclusion.

  • Data Enrichment

    Data from connected document sources is not the only source that provides important information for an investigation. rsShadow offers you the possibility to enrich the existing data sets with further information – e.g. from knowledge databases – if required.

Software architecture
  • Individuality

    Everything at a glance with a fully customizable dashboard: rsShadow gives you maximum freedom choose which content your system displays. Templates can even be used to set it up according to your needs.

  • On-site Solutions

    rsShadow offers the possibility to operate in a self-sufficient network infrastructure (on-site). As a user, you have full control over data and system.

  • Datenschutz

    Rola, with its headquarters in Oberhausen, is subject to German data protection laws. With our expertise of almost 40 years in the security sector, we know which legal challenges our customers have to meet. We are security cleared and highly experienced in handling sensitive data.

Recognize patterns, detect motives: How rsShadow supports analysis and attribution of cyberattacks.

When attacks from cyber space occur, analysts must piece together millions of puzzle pieces to get an accurate picture. rsShadow assists in evaluating the information.

Who’s behind a cyberattack?

Evaluating the source and information of cyber threats is one of the most difficult tasks for analysts in security agencies. It often requires gathering, reviewing and interpreting thousands of pieces of information from a wide variety of data sources.

Is it a matter of spying on sensitive information? Is the attack aimed at critical infrastructure?

Threat actors differ in their choice of tactics, techniques, and procedures. Gathering and determining these hints requires powerful technology and the ability to work collaboratively.

rsShadow supports analysts in carrying out these highly complex tasks.

We shine a light into the darkness: rsShadow uncovers digital traces in cyberspace and thereby supports source and information assessment.

Additional features

  • Text mining

    Do you receive dozens of voluminous cyber threat reports? rsShadow assists with AI-based automated entity extraction to quickly identify relevant information.

  • Task Management

    Who does what when? Cyber threat analyzing is teamwork. With rsShadow tasks can be created and tracked accordingly.

  • Dynamic data model

    Requirements for data management are changing as fast as the world is spinning, as fast the. With rsShadow, users can implement updated requirements by adjusting the data model at any time.

Would you like to know more?

Further features are available on the general page.

Maintain an overview in changing and dynamic circumstances: With rsShadow, analysts create a reliable snapshot of the current situation in no time at all.

In military operations, reliable data is essential for survival. This may come from a wide variety of sources: from joint staff, in-house intelligence or partner services or from the analysis and evaluation of OSINT information. Only the whole picture presents the situation as it is.

What kind of information is available from the past 24 hours regarding Area X?

If a military mission is to be successful, chance must be eliminated as far as possible. That is why the current situation at the operation site must always be known.

Many snapshots, one big picture.

rsShadow automatically extracts and consolidates data from a wide variety of sources. With features like text mining, analysts are equipped with powerful tools for their targeted analysis.

The sum of all findings.

What is the optimal basis for all tactical and strategic decisions? A well-founded situation report. rsShadow supports collaborative reporting and information in real-time.

Additional features

  • Customizing your dashboard

    Do you want to have georeferenced data and spatial relationships constantly in view? You are free to design your dashboard to suit your needs at any time.

  • Work collaboratively

    Concentrated analyzing power: In rsShadow, analysts can work together or simultaneously in multiple workspaces. 

  • Filter according to source

    Is information A restricted and should not be accessed by user B? rsShadow ensures that data is managed and displayed to only assigned users in line with their classification and access rights.

Would you like to know more?

Further features are available on the general page.

Whether organized or politically motivated crime (PMC): rsShadow uncovers crime-perpetrator connections with maximum efficiency.

This intelligence tool supports the retrieval, consolidation and analysis of data. Correlations can be quickly visualized, collaboratively evaluated and conveniently included into reports. This provides you with an optimal view of all case data at all times.

What do person A and person B have to do in common?

In organized crime, for instance, security authorities often investigate a very wide range of different circumstances. rsShadow reveals even the most indirect connections between people and events.

What is the next step?

Thousands of pieces of data are available. But how can the investigation be moved forward? rsShadow allows investigators to conduct deep and cross-source researches in the database – including creating hypotheses.  

When findings become reports.

Once the evaluation is complete, it’s time to start preparing the report: With its effective features, rsShadow supports creating and updating reports. 

Additional features

  • Timeline display

    Establishing a good chronology of events is crucial. With rsShadow, temporal sequences can be visualized quickly and easily. 

  • Investigation

    Complex investigations often overlap with other cases. This is where the function “Investigations” can help: They join investigation parts into the big picture.

  • Complex queries

    Are you looking for a man who owns a black car and lives in Hamburg? For complex queries like this, rsShadow provides a graphic based structure search. 

Would you like to know more?

Further features are available on the general page.