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Intelligent Data Management for Tax Investigation Specialists

Tax and financial investigators have to deal with vast amounts of data and extremely complex relationship networks. Flows of money and goods have to be investigated and followed up, and links that will stand up in court have to be uncovered between companies and individuals.

rsTax® – for the investigation of VAT fraud and money laundering

With rsTax®, the entire case processing and analysis process from the entry of large amounts of data via retrieval and analysis through to visualisation and presentation is significantly simplified. Relationships are revealed, structures are recognised and sequences are understood.

rsTax® offers all of the functions available in rsFrame® for data entry, retrieval and evaluation. These include:

  • Simple data entry using input masks
  • ChartEdit: Graphical data entry via Drag & Drop
  • Mass data import
  • Data consistency via data cleansing mechanismsNumerous special data retrieval functions such as the structure, path, pattern and similarity searches and the intelligent synetic name search
  • Full-text searching in all information in the database, incl. document contents
  • Visualisation in charts and diagrams
  • Entity extraction for processing of unstructured texts
  • Geographical analyses
  • Data mining and statistics.

Additional modules such as “TKÜ” for lawful telecommunication interception and the Files module for mapping and managing file structures provide additional support for the work of the tax investigation specialists in the combating of money laundering and VAT fraud.

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