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Analysis of Mass Data

Evaluation and analysis of information possibly involve unstructured mass data from a wide range of different sources in heterogeneous formats – that makes retrieval and consolidation of information significantly more difficult.


rsExTract® - Source-Independent Information Extraction

rsExTract® simplifies the analysis of unstructured data via parallel data retrieval in internal databases and in external, heterogeneous content sources and in more than 500 different file formats.

The combination of full-text search, fuzzy search and phonetic search provides quick and precise results. Automated category generation, associative analysis and the explorative investigation of specific topics and combination of words ensure an efficient analysis.

A multi-level rights and roles concept, plus logging, guarantee compliance with data privacy laws.


rsExTract® quickly provides relevant results for the widest possible range of initial situations and requirements:

  • Searching for a specific file – query with precise search criteria  
  • Searching for files on a specific topic – query is open, in a specific area of uncertainty  
  • Acquisition of information from data not yet analysed – subjects and contents have to be determined  
  • Investigation of changes – detection of new relevant documents and subjects in an updated known data source


The query options of rsExTract® can be extended by integrating various additional modules:

  • Linguistics
  • Metadata tagging
  • Semantic-associative search
  • Similarity Search / recognition of duplicates
  • Automatic entity recognition
  • Multilingual search
  • Thesauruses and knowledge networks




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