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Court Exhibit Management with Task Management

Court exhibits and items of evidence are essential elements of police case processing. But the more complex and extensive the case, the more complicated and time-consuming is the management and evaluation of exhibits and evidence.

rsEvid® – for a comprehensive workflow

With rsEvid®, rola has developed an IT solution that makes all processes of evidence and court exhibit management and evaluation significantly easier, more convenient, faster and more reliable. Documentation of court exhibits and items of evidence, forwarding them to external test facilities, documentation of the results of the tests and data retrieval and evaluation: rsEvid® guarantees a smooth workflow for all aspects of court exhibit management, maintaining the principle of “single entry, multiple use” in respect of information and data. A multi-level rights and roles concept ensures that each user has precisely those functions that he requires for his day-to-day work.

Among others, rsEvid® offers the following functions to support the management of court exhibits and evidence:

  • Easy-to-use entry masks with catalogue support and plausibility checks
  • Automatic import of case information and case numbers
  • Export of court exhibits to other cases
  • Subdivision into sub-exhibits and component elements, grouping to form packages of exhibits
  • Visualisation in a tree structure
  • Use of the powerful retrieval functions of rsFrame®/rsCASE®
  • Task management for the processing of exhibits
  • Export of the basic case data and evidence/exhibits to a laboratory information system or a dactyloscopy system
  • Documentation using data matrix scanners / printing of data matrix codes for labels and forms
  • Recording of the entire history of evidence/exhibits in an court exhibits log
  • Export of the exhibits/evidence data of a case to a case processing system such as rsCASE®
  • Interfacing of geo-information systems (GIS) to display geographical relationships
  • Cross-case and cross-location evaluation
  • Scalable rights and roles concept and configurable resubmission date and deletion period monitoring
  • Logging functions
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