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Network Media Analysis

The Social Web has revolutionised society and its communication. Social media offer undreamt of new networking capabilities: globally and in a matter of seconds.


rsNetMAn® - Network Media Analysis


rsNetMAn® enables analysis of open information via flexible search queries in the web, in particular in the social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ...) but also in the “classic” web (news portals, forums, ...).


rsNetMAn® quickly produces relevant results for different query scenarios:

  • What articles/posts are available and what is being said on the topic?
  • Who are the opinion formers on a specific issue, at a specific time or in a specific location?
  • What was posted at a specific time in a specific location?
  • What announcements have been made public?


Functionality, a few examples:

  • Fast and uncomplicated analysis of social media using special, easy-to-use input masks
  • Support of the pre-analysis using filters and interactive elements in the user interface
  • Comprehensive configuration options for the data queries
  • Dynamic visualisation of geo-relevant information from the social media data
  • Simple-to-use export of relevant social media information


Interaction with rsCASE® / rsIntCent® / rsTAX® / rsCIRS®/ rsCyInt®:

  • Transfer of relevant data to a rsFrame® system
  • Linking of relevant social media data to information available in other systems (e. g. rsCASE® rsIntCent®)
  • Use of the data retrieval functions of e. g. rsCASE® rsIntCent®:
    Wildcard search, fragmentary search, phonetic search, similarity search, complex search, full-text search, GIS queries etc.



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For more detailed information, you can download our brochure as a PDF file.