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Cyber Intelligence

Cyber security information is all around us. The big challenge comes when you are creating or enriching your own Cyber Intelligence: You need to identify the really relevant parts of information in unstructured data located within and outside your organization.


rsCyInt® - Cyber Intelligence

The solution for effectively structure, analyze, classify, visualize, report and share Cyber Intelligence.

With rsCyInt® you can utilize structured and un-structured intelligence beyond the limitations of domains.

Formerly stand-alone cyber security operations, e.g. forensics, malware analyses, IT security actions, OSINT can now be fused and evaluated most efficiently.

rsCyInt® improve the collaboration and information sharing between different disciplines/departments/ agencies. The result is actionable intelligence.


Functionality of rsCyInt® 

  • Identification of facts and relations in Cyber Intelligence
  • Improve attribution by combining cyber and real world Intelligence
  • Automated alerts when new relevant intelligence is available
  • STIX data model and interface
  • Transfer of relevant data to a case processing system, e.g. rsCASE®
  • Use of relevant social media data retrieved via rsNetMAn®
  • Use of numerous data retrieval options, e.g. wildcard search, fragmentary search, phonetic search, similarity search, complex search, full-text search, GIS queries
  • Customizable user interface according to different user tasks - from data entry through to analysis   
  • Integration of geographical information systems (GIS) for the presentation of geographical relationships
  • Report generator for creating requests, forms, reports and statistics
  • Customizable workflow management
  • Tamper-proof storage of collected data in a reliable, tried and tested system
  • Strong access control by implemented scalable rights and roles concept
  • Unique classification capabilities, source and information rating
  • Configurable monitoring of resubmission dates and deletion dates
  • Logging functions
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For more detailed information, you can download our brochure as a PDF file.