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Information Management for Military Intelligence Gathering and Interpretation

Staff and analysts in military organisations and intelligence services are confronted by a fundamental challenge: Within an extremely short time they must provide a reliable situation analysis from a wide range of different information and sources.

rsIntCent® – for efficient exploitation of information

A military situation analysis must be capable of being dynamically adapted in response to changes and of being presented in accordance with the needs of different command levels. Manipulation-proof information is just as important as compliance with all statutory data protection requirements. rsIntCent® supports the entire “Intelligence Cycle” from receipt of the raw intelligence information and processing of the fundamental data, via merging and correlation of information, retrieval and evaluation, through to visualisation and presentation of the results. Information becomes knowledge, knowledge forms the basis for decisions, and decisions result in action.

rsIntCent® offers all of the functions available in rsFrame® for data entry, retrieval and evaluation. These include:

  • ChartEdit: Graphical data entry via Drag & Drop
  • Numerous special data retrieval functions such as the structure, path, pattern and similarity searches and the intelligent synetic name search
  • Full-text searching in all information in the database, incl. document contents
  • Visualisation in charts and diagrams
  • Entity extraction for processing of unstructured texts
  • Geographical analyses
  • Data mining and statistics.

Particularly relevant for military intelligence gathering and interpretation:

  • Personalised receipt of intelligence inputs based on interest profiles
  • Active system reactions on recognition of key terms in the received intelligence data
  • Merging of relevant data from different sources
  • Processing of fundamental data without a capability of manipulating the data
  • Multimedia support (audio, picture, text and map material)
  • Data protection (deletion dates, rights/roles, auditing, logging)
  • Secure, sanitised data exchange between agencies and departments.

Optional additional modules and products:

  • File replication for mobile units
  • Task management / workflow
  • Text mining
  • Automatic Translation
  • rsExTract® - analysis of mass data
  • Biometric functionality (comparison of pictures)
  • CBT – Computer-Based Training
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For more detailed information, you can download our brochure as a PDF file.