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Data Management for Compliance and Corporate Security

Globally operating concerns are faced by the challenges of both globally organised and internal white collar crime.

rsCIRS® for corporate security and auditing

The threats range from theft via infringement of trademarks through to cases of corruption running into millions and balance sheet manipulation. With rsCIRS®, rola supports company-wide investigations, enables data alignment, graphical analyses and disaster management, fulfils statutory requirements in respect of both data protection and the protection of investors, and provides numerous functions for uncomplicated reporting.
rsCIRS® offers all of the functions available in rsFrame® for data entry, retrieval and evaluation. These include:

  • Simple data entry using input masks
  • ChartEdit: Graphical data entry via Drag & Drop
  • Mass data import
  • Data consistency via data cleansing mechanisms
  • Numerous special data retrieval functions such as the structure, path, pattern and similarity searches and the intelligent synetic name search
  • Full-text searching in all information in the database, incl. document contents
  • Entity extraction for processing of unstructured texts
  • Geographical analyses for indication of hot spots
  • Data mining and statistics

Additional functions offer further support in the areas of corporate security and compliance:

  • Risk assessment mechanisms
  • An integrated whistleblower function
  • Interfaces to WORLD-CHECK and Factiva
  • Fulfilment of the statutory requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), the German Act on Corporate Integrity and Modernization of the Avoidance/Rescission Rights (UAMG), the German Control and Transparency in Business Act (KonTraG), the German Balance Sheet Control Act (BilKoG), etc.
  • An electronic incident log for recording and evaluation of all damage-relevant occurrences – throughout the entire Company
  • Corporation-wide retrieval and analysis of mass data (rsExTract®)
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